18" Square Spyglass Telescope. Zweiss, Hamburg. Brass with Horse Leather Mount


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24x magnification, 30 mm objective, heavy solid brass contruction. Gorgeous piece!

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This is a very beautiful 18" (45 cm) Original Zweiss Hamburg Marine Telescope in the vintage spyglass style. This 30 mm. telescope has ground glass optics and produces a sharp image; it focused by altering the length of the telescope by pushing and pulling. A treasure that is sure to impress the most distinguishing telescope collector.

Magnification is 24X and is designed keeping in view the requirements of a nautical scope - I.e., greater field of view. More the magnification, less expansive is the field of view and for a nautical scope this 24 specification coupled with the 30 mm lens gives the best combination of steadiness and field of view with satisfactory magnification. Please note that this is designed as a terrestrial scope and not advised for astronomical observations, although it does make the moon look rather nice!

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