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Antiquated Brass 39" Double Telescope Brass Harbormaster on 5' Tripod


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32x magnification, 50 mm objective, heavy solid brass contruction.

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This is a massive and beautiful 40" (102 cm) Zweiss, Hamburg brass double barrel telescope and fine wooden tripod crafted in the old style. This 52 mm. telescope has ground glass optics and produces a sharp image; it focused by rotating a large adjusting ring near the eyepiece. A brass lens cover on a chain,  a sighting telescope that can be adjusted from 9.5 to 13 inches (24 cm to 33 cm) in length, a main eyepiece on the primary telescope that extends over 2 inches for exact focusing. The tripod legs extend from a length of 37 inches (94 cm) to 63 inches (160 cm), so that the telescope can be positioned for comfortable observation. The telescope can be easily removed from the collapsible stand. The telescope itself has a full 360-degree horizontal range of motion around the tripod, and 180 degrees vertical. A treasure that is sure to impress the most distinguishing telescope collector.

Magnification is 32X and is designed keeping in view the requirements of a nautical scope - I.e., greater field of view. More the magnification, less expansive is the field of view and for a nautical scope this 24x specification coupled with the huge 50 mm lens gives the best combination of steadiness and field of view with satisfactory magnification. Please note that this is designed as a terrestrial scope and not advised for astronomical observations, although it does make the moon look rather nice!

This is a very rare example of a truly practical Harbourmaster -  so called because it is often used to detect incoming sea traffic. You can spot the target with the spotter scope and then focus for a grander view with the main telescope. This unit is designed as a terrestrial telescope and is recommended to those who have a good view of the sea or of a city's concrete jungle. The telescope and tripod weigh over 20 lbs.

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