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HANDBOOK OF SITAR Maintenance, Tuning, Playing, Buying


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Handbook or Sitar (History, Anatomy, learning and Maintenance)
by Pankaj Paperback (Edition: 2008)
ISBN 9788187155959
Size: 8.5 X 5.5
Pages: 92 (24 B/W Figure Illustrations)


Share 1: Theory or Music9-40
The Indian Music system11
Lay (tempo or Speed)21
Language (The Rhythm)24
Indian Music Notation system30
Format or Music on Sitar32
Western Notation system34
Points to remember in Combined Notation system39
Share 2: The Sitar - Then & Now41-54
History and development43
Indian String instrument46
Famous Sitarists50
Share 3: Know The Sitar55-66
Various types or Sitar57
Parts or a Sitar60
Strings & Frets65
Share 4: Playing The Sitar67-72
Sitting Positions69
Important tips While Playing the Sitar71
Share 5: Sounds and Notes73-82
Production or Basic convex75
Position or Notes on Frets78
Steps to Shift the Frets79
Flaying Basic Swaras80
Share 6: Tuning and Maintenance or a Sitar83-92
Tuning the Sitar86
Repairs & Maintenance or a Sitar90
Tips for Buying a Sitar92


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