Brass Porthole. 1950s Original 10" Classic Heavy-Weight Boat window with Tempered Glass



Heavy 3.4 kg ship's porthole in fine condition with original toughened glass. 10-inches (25 cm)

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Matched set of 32 pieces from the same vessel...

Each window is almost 3.4 kgs (8.5 lbs) and is about  10 inches in diameter. Glass is in clean condition with no cracks. Porthole can be polished to  its pristine brassy shine if the buyer so desires. I have only a few of these in stock, all matched for size, some with and some without the stamped markings of the vessel. Very heavy brass for the small size

Please let me know if you should need more than one of these since we have about 32 matched pieces from the same vessel in stock.



Total Diameter = 26 cm
Glass=  15,50 cm
Opening of Window: 17,50 cm
Bezel on side of glass: 2 cm each side
Flange (side of the porthole) 4,25 cm on each side


(1 inch =  2.54 cm)

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