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Islamic Astronomical Armillary - Massive 18" Collectible Size


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18-inch Islamic Hanging Armillary in Antiquated Brass. Fully Functional. Gorgeous!

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This is a beautiful solid brass decorative antique reproduction of an Astronomical Armillary.  

Astronomical armillaries originated over four thousand years ago.   Muslim astronomers were the first to develop this unique instrument.   Closely related to astrolabes and armillary spheres, astronomical armillaries are a form of celestial globes and are based on a model of an outer sphere of stars and celestial bodies which circled the Earth.  

The first models were built in an attempt to represent the complicated movements that were occurring in the heavens.   Over time, many features were added to the original models which included the equator, poles and additional rings.   Astronomers were able to use the instrument to predict star and constellation movements, determine the precise time the sun would rise and set, and find the position of the Earth by using the night sky.   This decorative reproduction of a astronomical armillary includes the names of the 12 astrological signs engraved into the globe in Arabic letters.   The concentric rings, which rotate 360 degrees and are held together on a center axis, are intricately engraved with the signs of the Zodiac and are printed with the Zodiac’s Arabic name on the outer rim.  

The armillary is made from solid brass, not brass-plated steel, and hangs from two suspension loops.   It has a rich antique patina which will not tarnish nor show fingerprints.  The Astronomical Armillary’s largest ring measures 12 inches (31 cm) in diameter, 17 inches (43.2 cm) tall, and the center hollow globe sphere is 4 inches in diameter (10.2 cm).   The Astronomical Armillary is very heavy weighing 6 pounds, 13 ounces (3.1 kg) and is suitable for hanging from a shelf or a ceiling. 

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