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Reduced price! Gorgeous Australian Didgeridoo. Beautifullly Decorated Fiberglass Construction. 42-Inches. "D" View larger

Gorgeous Australian Didgeridoo. Beautifullly Decorated Fiberglass Construction. 42-Inches. "D"


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Beautiful fiberglass Didgeridoo in D# with Traditional aborigine Art Patterns. Lovely batik cotton bag.

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Fiberglass Didgeridoos have a very nice and warm didgeridoo sound. They are often copied from other good playing didgeridoos. If you do not know How to play didgeridoo yet, than these didgeridoos are nice starter didgeridoo to learn circular breathing on. They can be compared with Midrange didgeridoos for there volume and sound quality. But the do not have the wooden didgeridoo sound like the Australian Eucalyptus Didgeridoos. Very good choice for traveling! An affordable didgeridoo for sale.

 Ultralight. Very suitable for traveling. Very nice didgeridoo Sound. Good overtones. You can compare it with a good quality midrange didgeridoo. It does not have a wooden sound but still a very nice didgeridoo sound for a plastic didgeridoo. Buy this didgeridoo if you are a beginner that does not want to spend too much money on your first didgeridoo. It play's very easy. Very easy for circular breathing. If you want to learn how to play didgeridoo this is a very good choice. Warm didgeridoo sound with harmonic overtones. It covers a wide range of sounds. It is a copy of an original Australian Eucalyptus Didgeridoo. It has the same features of a good playing didgeridoo. The body of the Fiberglass Didgeridoo is good too. It can hold a little bit of pressure. Most plastic didgeridoos do not have this benefit.

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