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Gay Queer Collectible Renaissance "Twink" Art Wrist Watch


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38 mm stainless steel,  with premium Citizen 2030 quartz movement.

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The Bologna based artist Stephano Scheda has interesting collections of both photographs and video art. 

His beautiful an visually strong photography is of nudes and architecture, both based on a gifted eye for form and colour. The nudes are particularly interesting in their use of the human body as an architectural, almost abstract form. 


He also uses combinations of more models, or perhaps more rightly said here - human shapes - to buil new shapes. Quite interesting.


Or like this, the abstracted nude. 


The video art is stranger, and in my eyes more poetic. Here the strong visuals and geometry from the photographs is left behind, to instead explore a silent, mystical vision of the human condition. 



Daniele de Vitis ******


The online gallery of the Italian photographer Daniele de Vitis has a wonderful collection of photos. Very varied in thematics and compositional style, the images are all very thoroughly thought out in both subject matter and composition. 


While many of the images deal with themes as loneliness and the human body’s vulnerability, the main thread through the varied work is to me images as visual poetry, which shines through even in many of the more directly erotic photographs.



Alessandro Bavari ******

The online gallery of the Italian artist Alessandro Bavari showcases photo-collages, paintings, monotypes and video works. What really fascinates here is the digital photo-collages, that really are excellent works of art. Very surreal, not so much Dali as a digital age Hieronymus Bosch, painting images of a strange hell with his digital paintbox. The best work is the newest, with the large series «Sodom and Gomorrah» standing out as the absolute best – it’s quite fantastic, strange, haunting and truly brilliant. 

I rate Alessandro Bavari’s online gallery a full six out of six stars. Click here to visit.


Felix D'Eon ****

The online gallery of the Mexican artist Felix D’Eon is quite varied technically, showing paintings, drawings, watercolours, quick sketches and pen-and-ink illustrations sorted into a plethora of themed galleries. All is very good, and all shows variations on the themes of the male nude and gay love, with D’Eon’s charming personal touch. Although almost all of the artworks are quite engaging, what I fell for was his pen-and-ink drawings. Called «illustrations» throughout the many theme-galleries, they are in a charming style reminding of old British school books. But what a school that would be! Frolicking naked boys, kissing, running through the surf, flying to the heavens on the wings of gay love. The erotic motives contrasts interestingly with the child-oriented style, resulting in original and memorable works of art.


Jose Parra *****

The Mexican born artist Jose Parra impresses with superb colouring and draughtmanship. What interests most, however, is the strange world his artworks drags the viewer into. A surreal world inhabited by a strange mixture of quasi-historic, symbolic and mythological imagery. A flying ship, a naked King’s Fool in front of a strange world map, a Queen carried on the back of an elephant accompanied by a host of lightly clad men - all staring surprised at something outside the picture frame. What is it all about? The artworks are like illustrations to a great and mystical fantasy book, as yet unwritten. An interesting and intriguing collection, indeed.


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Gay Queer Collectible Renaissance "Twink" Art Wrist Watch

Gay Queer Collectible Renaissance "Twink" Art Wrist Watch

38 mm stainless steel,  with premium Citizen 2030 quartz movement.

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