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Reduced price! Bass Bansuri 30-Inch 1/C, Hard and Thick Bamboo Chromatic Flute View larger

Bass Bansuri 30-Inch 1/C, Hard and Thick Bamboo Chromatic Flute


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Biggest Folk Transverse Bass Flute 30" (70 cm). 1/C# 6-Hole Indian Bansuri. Ultra-large flute only for professionals. Not recommended for newbies or for people with small hands.

Exceptional bass overtones that only an authentic bamboo flute of these dimensions can provide.
Not the easiest of fingering but the most divine sound in the world!

The North Indian bansuri is a side-blown flute invented in this century by Pannalal Ghosh. It is made of single jointed, thin-walled bamboo and is tuned to an untempered chromatic scale. The Bansuri has a range of approximately three octaves. The best Bansuris are made of rare Sunderbans bamboo reeds and are almost invariably hand made. The seven-hole bansuri featured here is the closest Indian equivalent of the western bass flute. the lovely woody flavour to the bass makes it a truly amazing and other-worldly sound

The bansuri is striking in both its simplicity and richness. Originally a folk instrument, the bansuri has evolved a dazzling classical repertoire and found its way into the contemporary jazz and world music scene.

The Indian bass flute produces some of the world's most melodic and melancholic music. It's a great new instrument to learn and even amateurs can derive terrific joy and comfort from this elegant instrument with heavenly soul-soothing sounds.

On sale here is a classic concert grade Bansuri. Each of our instruments is individually tuned and is carefully roasted and sanded. The wood looks messy and burnt but this treatment makes the fragile raw bamboo reed to last for years and prevents cracking. The rustic look of this flute is more than compensated by an absolutely divine sound and one of the lowest puffs of any flute. It's a great new instrument to learn, and very easy to control. 

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