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Short Hand Bassoon C key 2 Cupronickel Bocal Leather Case. Professional Artiste Series


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quality professional brass music instruments from the superbrass collection

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This is a Brand New great looking and sounding Black Bassoon,This well crafted hand made instrument, and made made Special dense plastic resin body has highly resonant acoustic properties, Requires no maintenance; rot-proof, crack-proof and very tough. With decades of experience behind the manufacture of this fine instrument, you can be absolutely confident in its performance and durability.

◾Condition: Brand New
◾Body: Maintenance free special plastic for resonance and durability
◾Surface: nickel Silver plated keys
◾Tone: C
◾silver nickel plated ergonomic finger distances
◾Made by professional technician. Short Hand
◾Imported High quality pads, Springs
◾Nice tone hole and bore design
◾Professional design, so beautiful!!


◾Free professional Hard case with back straps for easy carrying
◾Free basson reeds
◾Free 2 bocals, cupronickel material
◾Free Hand rest, cleaning cloth, pull through, cork grease, neck strap

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