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Vichitra Veena Rare Custom-Made Studio Edition with Ultra-Large Resonators


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Pro-grade Indian Vichitra Veena, ultra-safe packaging, all accessories, spare strings included...

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The Vichitra Veena is an Indian classical plucked string musical instrument. 

It is a modern instrument, a 19th century evolution of the been, a traditional instrument of classical hindustani music.
From it's ancestor, the been, Vichitra Veena has kept the flat bridge (jawari), the two pumpkin resonators (tumbas) and a body which is a hollow tube made of teak wood on which the strings are fixed at both ends. The Vichitra Veena of the North and a rare instrument, was introduced by Ustad Abdul Ajij Khan, a court musician at Indore. It is of comparatively recent origin. It has a broad stem and six main strings are fastened to wooden pegs fixed to the other end. It is played by means of a plectrum on the right hand finger. 

The Vichitra Veena's strings are sometimes stopped by a glass egg, a technique originating most probably from the playing of the tampura. Generally these days it is is played with a glass or metal bar, rather like the Hawaiian guitar. Consequently it has no frets.

One can play perfect meends (glissandos) on a octave and a half, something difficult to perform on a been, and so get closer to the abilities of the human voice.


  • 48" Long with 2 toombas
  • 17 strings, 6 main and 11 sympathetic
  • Skilled, elaborate, carving.
  • Made from well seasoned Tun wood.
  • A fine quality, unique, instrument
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