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Sursringar Sur Sringar: Rare Indian Bass Sarod. Pro-Grade Calcutta Instrument


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Professional Sursringar, lovely carved and decorated back, top quality

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The Sursringar is a further beautiful instrument which is almost extinct nowadays. Its neck with a metal fingerboard reminds of the Sarod and in a way you could call it a bass Sarod. In Dhrupad style it was used as a solo instrument in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is regarded as a further development of the Dhrupad-Rabab that has more or less disappeared today. Just like the Surbahar its body is made from a pumpkin that has been cut open horizontally on top of which a wooden cover is attached. Onto this cover a flat horn bridge is fitted. The instrument has a second sound box. The strings that are played with a metal pick are made of steel and bronze.

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