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Pro-quality Hansa Veena in red cedar, extensively carved

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The Hansa Veena is a concert model instrument made of the finest available wood and carved in the Garland style on the tabli. The design can be attributed to Barun Kumar Paul and Ravi Shankar....Played with a slide and plectrums, It has a wide tabli, and has decoration wood carving on the tabli in the garland style. A very responsive instrument with excellent sound! The tarab (sympathetic) strings sing out and respond well.

And as with all our other professional instruments, the Hansa Veena has a beautiful floral design inlayed all along the neck and around the tabli done by expert craftsmen. The overall good looks and balanced appearance is enhanced by the deep red wood tones of the instrument. The French polish finish, which is exceptionally done, rounds out this outstanding instrument. The shine is mirror like.

The Hansa Veena comes with mechanical pegs that have been incorporated into a very classical upper neck. The upper neck Swan (hansa) brings out the beauty of this instrument. The craftsmen out did themselves in the design of this remarkable instrument. The label clearly states the name of this well known sitar maker.

The swan carving at the top of the neck of the Hansa Veena is exquisite, not overbearing, and handsome in appearance.

The string layout is eight main strings on mechanical pegs and 13 sympathetic strings along the neck of this wonderful instrument. Frets are simulated with inlays as well as inlayed position indicators to assist the musician and student. The Hansa Veena is played with a stainless steel slide which is also provided.

A padded gigbag comes stabndard with our Hansa Veena. Custom-made hardwood cases can also be ordered for this isntrument (please click for our Accessories section). Also, all our Hansa Veenas come with accessories that include: a stainless steel slide, plectrums, and a set of extra strings.

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