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Raagini Digital Tanpura Drone Latest Model with Futuristic Case, Superb Speaker


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Latest Ultra-Light Edition, in-built charger, fantastic new speakers, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

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  • Designer Speakers for Realistic Tanpura Sound
  • ABS hard durable plastic futuristic trapezoidal case, not rusty metal like earlier model. 40% lighter, compact
  • Pitch Range A-B (Higher OCTAVE)
  • 6 & 5 Maatra Playing Style, PA MA NI in manual tuning also 
  • Universal Power Zones ( USA, UK, CANADA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA etc) , Auxillary Stereo Out

Raagini is the Preferred Electronic Tanpura (Tambura, Tambora) of Hindustani & Carnatic Musicians Young & Old, Artists & Students alike. Raagini Tambura delivers a Real Unmatched Tanpura Sound which has become a bench Mark in the Music World. It has a Stable Digitally Tuned Pitch Covering more than an Octave. It Comes with a Dual Power Mode, Battery Mode & an Inbuilt Battery Charger. Capable of playing in both Hindustani & Carnatic style, this Electronic Tambura is Light Weight & Compact. Its an Acknowledged Fact the Raagini Digital Helps Improve the Mood & Scope of Practice & Performance of Music Vastly. 

Electronic Tanpura Raagini Features

Original Tanpura Tone: Raagini Digital is the Only Electronic Tambura that delivers such High Quality Original Tanpura Sound Using the Latest Cutting Edge Technology. "Hearing is Believing"

Accurate Pitch: This Electronic Tambora comes with a Super Stable Accurate Digitally Tuned Pitch. A Quality Found in No other Tanpura. 

Pitch Range In Excess of 1 Octave: The Raagini Tambura's Large Pitch Range Spans over an Octave Covering From A to The B of the Next octave. This makes it very Versatile to tune with Vocalist as well as Instrument. 

Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad: The Raagini Digital comes with Easy Switch Operation for Selection of Accurately Pre tuned Panchan, Madhyam & Nishad.

Manual Nishad Tuning: In the Case if Nishad, Raagini Digital Tanpura Also allows you to Manually tune the Nishad to adjust to your special needs. 

Hindustani & Carnatic Playing Styles: Raagini Tanpura is set to play Pa, Sa, Sa Sa (Kharaj) ( 6 Matras, Carnatic Music Style. ) Pressing Select Switch while Switching ON Raagini Tambura sets it to play Pa, Sa, Sa Sa (Kharaj) (5 Matras, Hindustani Music Style.). 

Harmonium Like Display: Raagini Tambura comes with a Display that represents the Keyboard of the Harmonium to Specially aid Novices in setting the Swar without any Hassle at all. 

Fine Tuning: The Raagini is Equipped with a Digital Fine Tuning, that works with Immense precision for it to Tune with your Instrument.

In-Built Battery Charger: The Inbuilt Battery Charger of the Raagini Digital, Charges Rechargeable Battery even when the instrument is Playing.

Auto Memory: The Memory function helps retain the your Last Selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of Fine Tuning) 

Neat, Light & Compact: The Raagini Digital Electronic Tanpura is the Comes in a Neat & Sleek Design.

External Speaker Socket: The Raagini Tambora has an External Speaker Socket to Connect it to Bigger External Speakers if Necessary.

Dual Power Mode: Raagini Digital comes with a both 220v & 110v Power Input selection so that it can be used Worldwide. 

Preferred Tanpura: Since its Launch the Raagini Digital has gone no to become the Most Preferred Tanpura of Artists, Gurus & Students alike for both Practice & Performances. 

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