Black Nickel Gold Straight Soprano sax High F♯ G Keys New Saxophone 2 Necks


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This is a Brand New great looking and sounding Straight BB Soprano saxophone,This well crafted hand made instrument, and made from all new heavy gauge yellow brass material. With decades of experience behind the manufacture of this fine instrument, you can be absolutely confident in its performance and durability. This range of Saxophones is consistently providing an instrument that performs way beyond its price point. The Sax features a high F# key, adjustable thumb hold, brass construction with a black nickel plated finish, and comes to you with a hard rubber mouthpiece and its own fully lined protective hard case.

◾Condition: Brand New
◾Material: High Grade Yellow Brass
◾Surface: Black Nickel Plated with gold keys
◾Tone: Bb key with High F key, to High F#, G key
◾Like Yanagisawa model Saxophone
◾Imported high quality pads with metal resonators
◾Blue Springs
◾Adjustable key height screws and Metal thumb rest
◾Comfortable key inlays made of Natural Black Shell

◾Free extremely durable and protective hard case
◾Free 10 Pc Reeds
◾Free Rubber mouthpiece, including the reeds, cup
◾Free saxophone straps.
◾Free Cleaning cloth, White golves 
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